Catherine on the French Way

CAMINO Day1- French Route Counting my Blessings!

  1. The Camino was on my bucket list- but because of work- my friends +I planned for a short 1wk trip. I discovered Gregory’s book in Audio form on ‘Audible’... it was so practical and enjoyable to listen to- it really got me excited +psyched for the trip
  2. Because I enjoyed the book, I signed up for the Walk Quietly Forum and Gregory emailed me the next day... I was so impressed by his dedication. I was just at the point of booking the flights +thanks to his advice... I booked1 extra day 🙏🏻
  3. We’re cheating big time!!! We’re traveling with Mac Adventures- all accommodation is booked in advance,+ our big bags are brought ahead for us... when the day job is hectic... we can focus on the walk+ de-stressing😉
  4. First night was in La Posada De la Casona, in Sarria- really nice accomadation+ breakfast. The Landlady is a self confessed ‘Feeder’ and encouraged all the guests to sit at the same table, with mountains of fruit+ an endless supply of pancakes+ eggs, cheese +Salami.., a lovely start to the trip
  5. I’m loving Spain- this is my first trip here! OMG the value for money is astounding... 3course meals with a drink - 8e!!! The Spanish work hard, but are so welcoming. The country side+ farm houses are so simple+ traditional. There are loads of nice cafes along the Camino Route- making The Pitstops really enjoyable... it’s a great escape.
  6. Final blessing of the day was Casa Cruz in Portmarino... all the charm mentioned above there in plenty- we were made feel so welcome+ at home🙏🏻


  1. Chorus of Grasshoppers- there’s lots of walkers... but as day goes on the crowd thins, and my comrades +I get a little more weary- the ‘walk quietly’ advice came to mind. It gets soooo peaceful -only the chorus of grasshoppers, breeze+ birds. 
  2. No watching the clock- I think of everyone working at home+ am so glad I’m away to unwind. The more breaks/pit stops ennroute the merrier.
  3. Foot checks- one of my party of four developed a monster blister yesterday + had to take a taxi half way through the walk today. She bought her boots last year+ wore them for a 6day bike in Scotland with no problems?!?! We’re taking off our socks now on breaks +ones of the gals found a Blister starting unexpectedly- Have blister plasters at the ready+ lots of them. 
  4. I’m feeling young! I’m about to turn 40... my hip +shoulders are aching a little at the end of the walks like never before! But there are a huge number of walkers+ cyclers in their 60sPlus... even a young lady travelling alone with 10month old baby... soooo inspirational.


  1. We only had a 17km walk today- so we started a little later at 9am... it’s actually really nice to walk off peak away from the crowds.
  2. The mornings and evenings are actually quite cool- we had a little rain shower yesterday... not really expected based on my ‘Yahoo Forecast’- v glad I brought a few extra layers!
  3. My friend wore her good ol runners today+ found it much easier on her feet- good to have them on board as a planB!

[Posted with permission of the author.]